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Fall Perennial Planting & Transplanting  (blog 9/17/20) 

Everything you need to know for perennial planting this fall!
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Landscaping & Gardening Are Not Cancelled  (blog 3/19/20) 

We are still here & open for our community
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The Importance of Leaf Clean Ups  (blog 10/31/18) 

Leaf Clean Ups help your yard stay beuatiful and healthy. Find out why!
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Why Schedule a Turf Renovation?  (blog 8/23/18) 

The health of your lawn is important. Let's get it looking its best!
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Watering for Winter PSA  (blog 12/1/17) 

Keep your plants from experiencing drought stress or drying out!
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Why is there still twine, burlap, and a wire basket on my tree?  (blog 7/16/18) 

Wondering what all those extra materials are for?
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Seasonal Shades - as seen in STL Homes Magazine  (blog 2/19/18) 

What can you plant for a winter pop of color?!
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Happy Valentine's Day!   (blog 2/14/18) 

See our favorite red and pink plants!
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Groundhog Day Groundcovers  (blog 2/2/18) 

Happy Groundhog Day! See what groundcovers we enjoy most!
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Winter Pots  (blog 1/8/18) 

What Our Designers Plant for Winter Decor!
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Our Favorite Winter Interest Plants  (blog 12/15/17) 

What We Love for Winter!
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Watering for Winter PSA  (blog 12/1/17) 

Keep your plants from experiencing drought stress or drying out!
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Thrive Inside - as seen in STL Home Magazine  (blog 11/14/17) 

See what plant we love that you could bring inside for the winter! 
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November Blow Out Sale  (blog 11/3/17) 

Come visit us for great deals on SELECT plant material.  (Read More)


Fall Flowers - as seen in STL Home Magazine  (blog 10/1/17) 

See what fall flowering plant we love! 
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How to Design Japanese Gardens  (blog 8/24/17) 

Simplicity is key. Using the same kind of stone (i.e. boulders or gravel) throughout the landscape creates unity. (Read More)
Check out pictures of some Japanese landscaped areas!


Bicolor Blooms - as see in STL Home Magazine  (blog 8/6/17) 

See our favorite bicolor blooming plant! 
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Container vs. Balled and Burlapped - what’s best for your landscape? (blog 12/15/16)  
special thanks for contributions by Jeff Smith with NNP Midwest

When you visit a garden center you often have a choice when it comes to larger shrubs and trees. You can choose the convenience of a container plant which are typically easier to move around. They are often lighter in weight and the container tends to be smaller than its counterpart the balled and burlapped, or B&B plant. There are pros and cons to choosing one over the other, but with a little information and guidance, you can select the best option for your project. Read More


Chesterfield Valley Nursery Project Featured in St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine (Blog 10/7/16)

Take a look outside every window in this Town & Country home and you will catch a picturesque view. Steve Schultz didn’t ask it in so many words, but landscape designer Jim Graeler knew what he was thinking.

It was 21 years ago and Steve had just purchased a contemporary, window-filled home on a one-acre lot in Town & Country. He knew he wanted landscaping that reflected the home’s sleek lines; an outdoors that would become an asset to the home’s interior. To acheive the look, he turned to Jim. Read More


When is the Best Time for Planting Deciduous Trees? (Blog 9/16/16)

Most people would agree that fall is a lovely time of year! The weather is perfect for bonfires, hooodies, and pumpkin patches, and it is also an ideal time to get in the yard and add a deciduous tree to your landscape. Read More


Traveling the Country for the Very Best Fall Plants (Blog 7/25/16)

This month we flew out to Oregon to visit some of our vendors, and as usual we were in search of new and better plant material to order for the spring and fall! We travelled through the Willamette Valley and much of the area not too far south of Portland. As an added bonus, we decided to trek up to Washington state from Oregon this year to visit some growers. Read More


2016 Top Trends in Landscape Design (Blog 6/1/16)

In 2016, residential landscape trends move toward landscapes that are both beautiful and promote green living.

Over 800 landscape architects where asked by The American Society of Landscape Architects what they feel are the top trends in residential landscape design for 2016. 88% of those surveyed said that rainwater and greywater harvesting would top the list this year. Read More  


Looking for a Natural Hedge? The Emerald Green Arborvitae may be the time tested answer you’re looking for.
Tips on planting and caring for this timeless beauty. 
(Blog 5/4/16)

Arborvitae are a popular choice for landscapes in our area. Many varieties, such as the ever popular Emerald Green Arborvitae, (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'), are native to the north eastern United States, and do very well in our region. They are evergreen and tolerate the heat and humidity of our summer months. They can grow up to 25 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Read More


Great Ideas are Bubbling Up! (Blog 3/21/16)

Adding a water feature to your landscape creates a spectacular visual and provides the soothing sounds of flowing water, but many people don’t necessarily want the added maintenance involved with fish ponds or even waterfalls. Read More


A Fine Specimen (Blog 2/15/16)

Here at the nursery we have be known for years for what is most likely the finest selection of specimen Japanese Maple trees in the region. It is no secret that Japanese Maples have always been a favorite of owner and designer Jim Graeler.  He happily jets back and forth for quick trips across the country during the winter months to hand select these unique beauties, often dreaming up the perfect location for the gem in a landscape that is yet to be designed. Read More


Caring for your Landscape this Winter (Blog 1/18/16)

It finally feels like winter in St. Louis, and although most of our focus has turned indoors, there are still a few things that can be done to keep your landscape healthy if you dare to go outdoors. Here are a few tips for plant care this time of year: Read More


To Rake or Not to Rake? (Blog 11/9/15)

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about the National Wildlife Federation’s newest recommendation not to rake your leaves. They noted that wildlife benefits greatly from the leaves, and that moving them can disturb their habitat.

While we hear at Chesterfield Valley Nursery are nature lovers at heart, we think it is important to note that foregoing that yearly ritual of leaf removal could have some negative and even devastating effects on your lawn.  Here are some of the main issue with not removing your leaves: Read More


Fall Lawn Care Necessities (Blog 9/10/15)

We have been doing Fall Lawn Renovations as long as we have been taking care of lawns.  This is an important and often overlooked necessity for a healthy lawn.  There are multiple steps to properly care for your lawn in the fall.  For best results, most lawns should have a combination of services completed. Read More


Landscape Tips for the Dog Days of Summer (Blog 7/24/15)

Don’t cut your grass too short! Try to keep it above 3” to minimize stress during hot weather.

Prune with caution! When in doubt, call us. Certain plants are best left allow until fall. Read More