February 2016

A Fine Specimen (Blog 2/15/16)

Here at the nursery we have be known for years for what is most likely the finest selection of specimen Japanese Maple trees in the region. It is no secret that Japanese Maples have always been a favorite of owner and designer Jim Graeler.  He happily jets back and forth for quick trips across the country during the winter months to hand select these unique beauties, often dreaming up the perfect location for the gem in a landscape that is yet to be designed. 

So what makes these trees so special and different you may ask. Japanese Maples are everywhere, right? The truth is, all plants are not created equal, and with specimen trees such as the Japanese Maple varieties, this is most definitely the case.  The idea behind a specimen in landscaping is that the plant can become a focal point in your garden or landscape and for good reason.  Specimen trees are often older, matured plants that have an unusual and impressive visual appeal.  In the case of the Japanese Maple, the size of the tree becomes a factor whether it is particularly large for the variety, or simply perfect for a space. The foliage is often unique to typical Japanese Maple species. The tree’s branching habit also comes into play, a characteristic that is subjective to the landscape designer or the home owner.  Finally, as is the case with many of our selections, the tree is often a rare variety, setting it apart from what you will find in many landscapes and garden centers in our area.

If you have an appreciation for uniqueness, or you are looking for something special for your landscape, visit our Garden Center to see an every changing variety of specimen Japanese Maple trees.  If you are looking for something special, be sure to let us know. Chances are, we know exactly where to find it.