Groundhogs Day Groundcovers

February 2, 2018

Happy Groundhog’s Day! Check out our designers favorite groundcovers!

“Chocolate Chip Ajuga is my favorite! Another unique ground cover is Creeping Jenny” (Lysmachia). “It brings a very expressive burst of lime green/yellow color to a landscape and can tolerate wet conditions. Has a good tolerance for sun and shade conditions and can survive in little crevices in rock walls or stone walkways to soften sharp edges.” Morgan McAdams, Designer

“One of my favorite groundcovers is lysmachia. I love the bright affect it gives to a garden as well as the carpet-like appearance.” Bob Graeler, Designer

“My absolute fave groundcover is Chocolate Chip Ajuga! Almost dark brown leaves that are a bit narrow with an awesome blue bloom. Not agressive but somewhat evergreen depending on the winter. Once established, tough little ones. Dogs can run, walk or lay on it without causing any harm too.” Debi Graeler, Retail Manager


“My favorite groundcover is pachysandra. Deer resistant. Shade tolerant, you can walk on it, and it does not hurt it. It’s also evergreen, so it’s a great addition for winter color.” Jim Graeler, Designer

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