How to Design Japanese Gardens

August 24, 2017

Japanese gardens have great design aesthetic and make for one of the most relaxing styles of garden. Check out what a couple of our designers have to say about designing a Japanese garden.

“When it comes to a Japanese garden I believe simplicity is a key. Using the same kind of stone ( same kind of boulders or gravel like Mexican beach pebbles) throughout this type of landscape creates unity. Adding two to three different kinds of plants can add a lot and softens the space nicely without is becoming cluttered. Plants that I like to use in a Japanese garden would be azaleas, variegated liriope, and of course Japanese Maples with a lot of character.”

~ Morgan McAdams, Designer

Japanese Garden Style

“With Japanese Gardens, It would be the use of decorative gravels in the negative space.  Mexican beech Pebbles area a favorite to use with a plant that is more open and airy that help to show off the gravels.”

~ Bob Graeler, Designer

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