January 2016

Caring for your Landscape this Winter (Blog 1/18/16)

It finally feels like winter in St. Louis, and although most of our focus has turned indoors, there are still a few things that can be done to keep your landscape healthy if you dare to go outdoors. Here are a few tips for plant care this time of year:

Love your Roses- although Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we expect your roses will be purchased and not clipped from the landscape, it is important to protect your rose bushes by adding mulch to the crown of the bush. This will help to ensure a beautiful blossom when things warm up.

Protect your plants- Once the ground gets cold, mulch small plants, perennials and bulbs. This will protect the crowns of the plants during alternating freeze and thaw that often occurs in our region, and helps to insulate your bulbs in the ground.

Trim the trees-This is a great time to trim hollies and non-flowering trees and shrubs. Pruning these plants in the winter months will promote fast regrowth in the spring. It’s easier to shape plants during the winter while the plants are dormant, and their foliage is gone. When it comes to grasses and hydrangeas, it’s best to wait.

Don’t worry about the rain-We have had an excess of winter rain this year, but don’t be too concerned with regards to your plants. Winter rains are good for evergreens. Be sure to check areas where mulch may have washed away at base of any plant material. If your mulch has washed away it should be replace in order to protect the root ball.

For questions about winter plant care, or to schedule an appointment for a free landscape maintenance package consultation, contact us at 636-532-9307 or info@chesterfieldvalleynursery.com.