July 2015

Landscape Tips for the Dog Days of Summer (Blog 7/24/15)

Don’t cut your grass too short! Try to keep it above 3” to minimize stress during hot weather.

Prune with caution! When in doubt, call us. Certain plants are best left allow until fall.

Other than Bermuda grass, it’s best not to seed this time of year. In most cases, the grass will come up and die due to heat and lack of water.
It is ok to fertilize your lawn this time of year and it’s important that you do apply grub control at the end of July.

Be diligent with your plants and spray for insects during the morning hours.

Be sure your lawn is getting at least 1” of water per week, but be aware of your grass and soil type and the lay of your lawn. These all make a difference in how much water your grass will need.

Be sure to water hanging baskets every day if there hasn’t been rainfall.

For questions or more information on caring for your summer landscape call us anytime!