July 2016 The very best fall plants

Traveling the Country for the Very Best Fall Plants (Blog 7/25/16)

This month we flew out to Oregon to visit some of our vendors, and as usual we were in search of new and better plant material to order for the spring and fall! We travelled through the Willamette Valley and much of the area not too far south of Portland. As an added bonus, we decided to trek up to Washington state from Oregon this year to visit some growers. Unlike St. Louis, the weather in the Pacific Northwest was very kind to us with the absence of humidity and temperatures never reaching above 85 degrees.

This summer, we were specifically on the hunt for Bloodgood Maples and larger Green Giant Arborvitaes, Yoshino Cryptomerias, and Cupressina Columnar Spruces. This can sometimes be a difficult task for the larger items for a number of reasons. Some trees and shrubs can be slow growing. Crops also have to be held onto and not sold so that they can continue growing in the field. This particular action has been challenging for some growers with popular items like arborvitaes, cryptomerias, and columnar spruces. The hunt for these items started to feel unsuccessful. However, in the last half of our trip we managed to find most of what we were looking for!

 Come out and see us this fall as we start getting some plant orders in with new and exciting material, as well as old favorites!