March 2016

Great Ideas are Bubbling Up! (Blog 3/21/16)

Adding a water feature to your landscape creates a spectacular visual and provides the soothing sounds of flowing water, but many people don’t necessarily want the added maintenance involved with fish ponds or even waterfalls.

Bubbler rocks are the perfect alternative providing a low maintenance option that is certain to be a show stopper in your landscape. There are a limitless number of options for your bubbler. Choosing a stone variety that compliments your landscape along with an arrangement for a single or combination of multiple bubblers will give you a showpiece that is uniquely yours. There are plenty of fun features such as adding a control systems that allows you to set timers, adjust the flow of water, and can even control your system remotely. Adding strategically placed lighting will create evening ambiance, and a selection of plants and shrubs will compliment your project.

Bubbler rocks can be elaborate, or an affordable option to bring the sight and sounds of water to your landscape. Call Chesterfield Valley Nursery to learn more and schedule your free onsite consultation.