Valentine’s Special! Our Favorite Red & Pink Plants

February 14, 2018

Check out our designers and Garden Center managers favorite pink and red favorites!

“Mine is a Bonfire Japanese maple. The amazing reddish pink color of this plant is breathtaking in the spring. On top of that it’s a Japanese maple with great form and texture.” Jim Graeler, Designer

“Little Quick Fire Hydrangea. Great for progression from white to pink to light red also, stays fairly compact.” Bob Graeler, Designer


“One of my favorite plants that utilizes the color red would be the Japanese Maple. Depending on the variety, anything from a deep burgundy to a light orange. Red can be displayed within this color spectrum.” Morgan McAdams, Designer

Pictured: Fireglow Japanese Maple

“My fave is any red rose! Mainly because my best friend’s, who is now gone, favorite was roses and her favorite color is red. Also it’s a great performer. I know there have been some issues with roses lately and also know is an old choice but still love it!! It’s a beautiful memory of her…” Debi Graeler, Retail Manager

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