Our Favorite Winter Interest Plants

December 15, 2017

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t have color in your landscape! Check out our designers and managers favorite winter interest plants!

Debi Graeler, Retail Manager, says her favorite would have to be “witchhazel because it’s the first to bloom in the last days of winter and the blooms are like no other and smell good.” The flowers on this deciduous tree are so unique and come in such spectacular colors.

Designer Bob Graeler’s favorite is the Chamaecyparis. With so many varieties of this evergreen, there’s a great shape and size for anyone’s yard. All species of this plant have vivid color that make it stand out in the sometimes desaturated winter landscape. The texture of the Chamaecyparis makes it stand out even more, offering a dynamic, ornamental look to the scene.

“Favorite winter interest is hard to narrow down because there are so many… but if I had to choose one, it would be Red Twigged Dogwood. The fire engine red stems add a pop of color to a usually very dull landscape, especially when it snows.” Morgan McAdams, Designer

The Castle Spire Holly is Jim Graeler’s, GM & Designer, favorite winter interest plant, especially in December. Because of the tones of green that provide backdrop to the vibrant red berries, when he sees this evergreen, he really gets into the Christmas spirit. If the snow falls, it’s even better because then this plant is just exuding all the feelings associated with the holiday season.

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