September 2015

Fall Lawn Care Necessities (Blog 9/10/15)

We have been doing Fall Lawn Renovations as long as we have been taking care of lawns.  This is an important and often overlooked necessity for a healthy lawn.  There are multiple steps to properly care for your lawn in the fall.  For best results, most lawns should have a combination of services completed. 

Aeration is probably the most important piece of your fall lawn care. Over time, your soil can compact, and lawn aeration will create better air circulation and irrigation. Dirt plugs that are tossed onto the lawn through this process break down adding topsoil nutrients. During the overseeding process, lawn seed will drop into the newly formed holes creating higher seed to soil contact.

Power raking works to remove the thatch that has built up throughout the year. Thatch buildup can cause pests and diseases to enjoy a more habitable environment. Thatch will also crowd out the turf’s root system, stunting growth.

Fall is the most important part of the season for lawns. Weeds are the easiest to kill and seed sprouts the best in Fall. Caring for your lawn in the fall will ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn next spring.  For more information about Fall Lawn Renovation services, contact us anytime for a FREE estimate.