September 2016-Deciduous Trees

When is the best time for planting deciduous trees? (blog 9-15-16)

Most people would agree that fall is a lovely time of year! The weather is perfect for bonfires, hoodies and pumpkin patches, and it is also an ideal time to get in the yard and add a deciduous tree to your landscape.

Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in the fall like maples, hornbeam, oaks etc.) can benefit from being planted in autumn because of several factors. In the fall, the extreme heat of summer gives way to cooler temperatures. People love the 60-70-degree weather and plants do too! These cooler temps allow newly planted trees to establish themselves without the added stress of humidity and high temperatures. Water is often more available to trees during the autumn months because of an increase in rain fall that keeps the ground moist. The combination of cooler air temperatures and warm soil encourages an ideal environment for new root growth. All of these factors help to give a deciduous tree the best possible chance of becoming a strong healthy tree. 

When it comes to planting during the autumn months there is a window of opportunity that is ideal for deciduous trees. This time frame is from September through late October. These two months allow enough time for a tree to establish new roots and prepare itself for the colder weather to come.  Once mid-November rolls around you risk the chance of a tree not having enough time to establish roots.

Fall is the perfect time to plant a deciduous tree because of the many beneficial factors that it has to offer.  In the midst of fall festivities this autumn, don’t forget to get outside and plant that maple tree you’ve always wanted.