Property Maintenance

Is your landscape in need of a little bit of attention or tender loving care? Let Chesterfield Valley Nursery spruce up your property with some trimming, pruning, weeding, bed edging and mulch touch-up. We give free estimates and we strive to be the best in customer service and satisfaction. When you contact us for any service, you also get real follow through. That is to say, you get a small team of real people available to discuss your property any time, and committed to seeing your job through from beginning to end.

Add a little something to your landscape – from large to small, our Maintenance Department can keep your property looking first rate all year round! Let us help you plan for the next year with a customized Annual Property Maintenance Package.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups & Summer Prune

To ensure your landscape always looks it's best, it is important to...(more)

Annual Plantings

Add a burst of color to your landscape with spring flowers, fall mums and...(more)

Irrigation System Services

 At Chesterfield Valley Nursery, we understand that every lawn and Landscape is unique and...(more)


Our professional service offers the skills and expertise to maintain your...(more)

Turf Renovation

Lawn aeration will reduce soil compaction and allows nutrients to be absorbed...(more)

Spade Edging

Edging your landscape beds creates a clean, finished look and prevents your...(more)

Weeding & Bed Clean Up

Weeding ensures your plants are not robbed of water and nutrients they need to thrive, while bed clean up...(more)

Trimming & Pruning

Proper trimming and pruning maintains good plant health, improves the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage...(more)

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care Programs

Our application programs protect from diseases and pests, fertilize to replenish essential mineral...(more)

Leaf Removal


We remove excess leaves that create a harmful barrier between your lawn and the sunlight it needs...(more)

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds security and enhances your landscape. Seasonal maintenance visits include bulb check...(more)